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paving the digital path since 2015.

Simplified Social is a digital communications agency dedicated to supporting business owners, marketing employees and executives to move their digital marketing efforts forward. From social media management to content creation to digital advertising, we are here to help!

Managing social media isn’t something you can successfully manage off the side of your desk or hire your friend’s daughter to do it because she has a personal Instagram account with a few followers. Social media for business takes a well-defined strategy, consistency and experience to be successful.

Our team has worked with over 50 unique organizations on their digital marketing efforts and have collectively trained over 2000 entrepreneurs, business owners and employees in our Social Media for Business program.

We are based in both Edmonton, AB and Kelowna, BC, however have worked with clients ranging across Canada and as far as New York.




We believe that laying the strategy for your marketing is essential prior to content creation and social media management. Our strategy sessions provide you with a clear roadmap with where we think you should take your marketing and the resources you will require in order to be successful.



After we complete your strategy, we will work to create content (blogs, photos, video) and start actively posting and managing your social media platforms. We also offer service such as website updates, e-newsletters and graphic design.


consulting & workshops

If you're looking for advice on your social media without having it managed by an external company, we can help. Our digital consulting services provide you with the advice you need to elevate your brand online and take your social media to the next level.

We also offer regular in-person and online workshops. Contact us to learn more about booking your own personalized session for your organization.

Simplified Social was extremely helpful in growing my brand, setting the tone and saving me time and money on social marketing. Highly recommend!
— Alethea Austin, Achieve Wellness SPA


Social Media Consultant is a hot job title nowadays and there’s plenty of agencies to choose from.

How do you know who to work with when the choices seem never-ending?


1. Are we a fit? We’re not a fit for every brand. We strongly believe in only working with clients we know that we can make an impact with. We want you to spend your hard earned dollars where it counts. If we’re not a fit for your brand, we’ll happily refer you to someone/something else that may be a better option for your company.

2. Experience is a must. We have experience working with a wide variety of industries and clients. Finding someone that knows your industry and at the very least is willing to learn about it is essential.

3. Evaluating the process. Hiring an external company to manage your brand’s reputation is not a task that should be taken lightly. We work with customized software that allows our clients to login to their account at anytime to see what’s happening in real-time with their marketing efforts. This includes up-to-date reporting on social posts, blogging and live analytics. With our services, you’ll never have to guess what’s happening or what’s been done.


At the end of the day, you have options. Make sure you do your homework before hiring someone to manage your marketing. At Simplified Social, we pride ourselves on having the flexibility of a freelancer without the generic, cookie cutter packages that you would find at most agencies. We don't like boxes and don't think that your marketing efforts should fit in one. Our inclusive pricing options ensures that your marketing efforts are as flexible and adaptable as you need them to be.

We don't claim to do it all, but we can help facilitate all of your marketing needs, not just social media. The real difference here? We act as an extension of your brand. We can act as your marketing employee (without the overhead) or we'll support your marketing team to get back to doing what they're passionate about.

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who we work with


This is a small selection of our expanding client roster. We have supported brands ranging from home and commercial renovations to health services to non-profits and more.


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